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Full size insoles provide better support and make your feet more comfortable. Fits all types of shoes. High arches in the middle to relieve feet pain, Insoles are perfect for improving performance, good cushioning effect can reduce impact on the joints and muscles, and reducing pain during physical activity.
Wear special compression socks when running for maximum comfort during use. Good compression, high elastic, breathable, comfortable.

It's suitable for running, football, basketball, golf, finishing, tennis and so on.
Footcare Series
Footcare Series

What footcare corrector kits can help you with:

  • Bunion, Hammertoe, Overlapping toes.
  • Prevent skin from irritation and inflammations.
  • Great kits for hallux valgus, hammer toes, overlapping toes, bruises, blistering, beetle crusher bone and bunion.
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    Orthotics Insole ZG-1849 1. BREATHABLE MATERIAL: Made of high-grade EVA and polyester of venting mesh design can provide better cushioning, breathable and bacteriostatic effect. Slightly perforated and padded to keep your fee...
  • Breathable Adjustable Neoprene Ankle Brace for Running Basketball Ankle Sprain Support ZG-S9
  • Silicone Heel Protector Pain Relief Insole Protect Foot Care Gel Heel Cushion ZG-1806
    Heel Pads ZG-1806 1. Keeps skin comfortably moisturized to prevent dry skin and protect skin from cracking.2. Made of soft elastic silicone gel,non- toxic,non-flammable,anti-slipping,shock-absorbing.3. One size durable...
  • New Foot Care Comfortable Transparent Sticky Pu Gel Insole For High Heel Shoes ZG-353
    Shock Absorption, Anti Fatigue Insole ZG-353 1.Soft surface massage feet and prevent it from painful, comfortable all days.2. Absorb the shock to protect feet.3. Professional environmental and antibacterial function design for your feet.4.Self-a...
  • Quick delivery High Elastic Spandex Nylon textile metatarsal pads ZG-406
    Forefoot Cushion ZG-406 1. FIT: Best for boots and comfortable shoes. Also available for dress shoes and narrow footwear. Fits average width feet.2. Relieves friction and burning sensation under the metatarsal heads & pa...
  • Health Care Products PU Massage Insole For Adults ZG-344
    Athletic Series Insole ZG-344 1. Anti-Microbial Top Fabric: Reduces heat and friction while performing strenuous activity, keeping your feet healthier and more comfortable.2. An ideal orthotic for preventing and alleviating pain a...
Company Profile
Dongguan Zhiguo New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, in Baihao Industrial Zone, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. 

Our main products include Gel Insoles, Diabetic Insoles, Orthotic Insoles, Foam Insoles, EVA Insoles, PU Insoles, TPE Insole, Footcare, Foot cushion, Foot corrector and protector Series and so on.  

Furthermore, OEM/ODM capacity using high technologies. We are now supplying nice quality, high efficiency, and perfect services for clients from South Korea, Japan, America and Europe and so on.  
News and Industry Information
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