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Introduction of Silica Gel for Shoe Mould

Introduction of Silica Gel for Shoe Mould

Transparent silicone gel insole is a kind of two-component liquid silicone rubber, which is made of solid-liquid coexistence material of liquid and solid groups. It is made of high-quality silica gel with colorless and transparent appearance and gelatinous shape. It is produced by professional technology. It is soft, comfortable and has no obvious shock absorption effect. Among them, the soft cushion protection pad of heel can effectively eliminate or slow down the heel pain and relieve heel fatigue, which are designed to absorb plantar impact in a balanced way. It can effectively prevent and improve symptoms of heel pain, knee pain, waist and back pain, and spinal lesions caused by foot problems. It can be manufactured in other styles and sizes according to customer's requirements.

Mold silicone gel refers to the silicone gel mold products for shoes made for special users. The shoes made by the silicone gel mold of the shoe mold are more flexible and comfortable to wear. Mold silicone gel can be used to make insoles, such as women's heightened insoles of the high-heeled shoes, anti-skid socks and so on.

The shoe mold silicone gel has the characteristics of low hardness, low adhesive sole, good tensile tear strength, moderate hardness and no distortion of the mold.

1. It has good resistance to high and low temperatures and can be used in a wide temperature range (-50℃~200℃).
2. The use of platinum-chromium catalyst is harmless and odorless.
3. It has good fluidity and can inject fine points (e.g. micro-components of integrated circuits).
4. Easy shaping.
5. Hardness can change freely from rubber state to liquid state.
6. Excellent electrical performance and weather resistance.

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