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What Kind Of Basketball Insole Is Good? How To Choose A Professional Basketball Insole?

What Kind Of Basketball Insole Is Good? How To Choose A Professional Basketball Insole?

Basketball shoes can protect our feet, so that you can play better, but when you only pay attention to the air cushion and cushioning, have you noticed the insole? In fact, the purchase of basketball insoles is also very particular. It is important to know that many players will customize the insole. This is because if the insole is not fit, it will cause empty footwork and thus affect the play. Of course, ordinary people don't have to customize it, but still need to pay attention to some problems. For example, the fit of the insole, the shock absorption effect, the wrapping property, and so on. Let's take a look at the details.

We may have a misunderstanding all the time. Basketball shoes are the most important. As long as you buy good basketball shoes, you can protect yourself well, or have excellent sports performance. The purchase of basketball insoles is mainly concentrated on that if the shoes are too big, then buy a pair of insoles to fit the foot or the shoes is too hard, buy a cushion, or even wear the shoes until it is worn out and then buy a new pair to replace; but how many people will realize how important is the insole? You must know that the first contact point of the shoe is the ground, then the insole; and the first contact of our foot is the insole; the quality of the insole directly determines the feedback, stability and comfort of the foot. It can be said that the insole is the first step of protection in many aspects of sports protection.

So what kind of insole can be considered a good insole? It should be said that there is no standard answer, but there are several criteria that are definitely required.

1, the insole fit is high.
Why is fit so important? Very simple, many NBA and even the top domestic players, athletes will tailor their insoles, and some insoles even costs 5,000 dollars a pair. So why do you need to customize it? Yes, this is the problem of fit. The high degree of fit ensures maximum force on the foot and reduces the risk of excessive stretching of the local muscle fascia. Specific explanations need to use simple physics principles: F = PS, F for force, P for pressure, S for area, relative to flat insole (contact points are concentrated in the forefoot and heel), high fit insole S1 >S2 (flat insole), then the pressure of the sole can be minimized if the external impact is constant. So what kind of insole is a high fit insole? a. It should have arch support; b. Insole is not completely flat, it needs to have a certain foot wrap, especially the heel; c. Humeral support. Simply put, it is necessary to completely wrap your feet and minimize the neutral zone.

2, the insole has a good shock absorption effect.
The shock absorption effect of the insole is a must, especially for some harder shoes. Here I want to emphasize the difference between shock-absorption cushions and soft cushions. When choosing an insole, many people will emphasize the softness of the insole, especially the feeling of the foot. From the online comments, many netizens can easily draw a conclusion: the insole is very soft and comfortable, and it is suitable for shopping, but not suitable for playing, after wearing it for a long time, the arch will be tired. Why are you tired? Everyone can imagine the following scene: playing volleyball on the beach, it should be experienced by some people. Soft, comfortable, but strenuous. From this point of view, the soft insole is comfortable, but it is not suitable for playing, especially for a long time, resulting in easy to be tired, the foot be sour, so it can not be used as a professional basketball insole. So what characteristics should a professional basketball cushion have? First of all, there must be a certain degree of softness. This is a consensus. Softness can increase the time of action to achieve its damping effect (P=Ft, F is the force, t is time). Secondly, there must be a certain hardness. Many people will be surprised. Hardness also helps with shock absorption? In fact, if the insole is too soft and comfortable, its supporting ability is not enough. The hard part mainly plays the role of support and softness valve. But how can it have both a certain degree of flexibility and the hardness of hardness? In fact, this is quite simple, and there are many insole manufacturers in China that have done it, that is, the insole is divided into a frame part and a shock absorbing part. The frame part basically has an EVA as the midsole, and a cushion is placed at the bottom of the frame. Such a structure basically concentrates on the forefoot and heel, thereby reducing the impact of the foot. A soft and hard fit can provide good shock absorption, because the soft part can absorb the impact well, and the hard part has a good support effect, and can also be used as a soft valve. Of course, the shock absorption of these two parts is absorbed by the material structure, and most manufacturers at home and abroad are designed in this way. A higher damping method should be damped in different ways of material plus structure. But from the cushion, it should be both hard and soft.

3, arch absorption effect
The introduction of this point is actually a part of the shock absorption, but because the arch damping is a separate discussion, it becomes the third point. Why does the basketball insole require arch relief? It should be said that arch damping is widely needed. After all, the support of the arch can increase the contact surface, while increasing the shock absorption and tensile strength of the arch (especially excessive tension). I have also read an introduction about the design of the arch of the foot on the Internet. I personally feel that it is quite complete. Here is a partial quote: "The arch pad is designed to protect the foot during exercise, not only refers to the arch of the foot." The main meaning of this sentence can be divided into two parts: 1. In order to protect the arch, we only need to fill the arch with sufficient filling to avoid the injury of the arch; 2. Sports protection. Arch support is not just support the arch, it also needs ample shock absorption. This point puts forward a relatively high requirement for the design of the arch damping, one of which must support (a certain hardness), and the other, it must be shock-absorbing (having a certain deformation ability). Previously we talked about the combination of support and shock absorption, which is difficult to achieve on only one material. It requires two materials to work together. Therefore, many integrated insoles are difficult to achieve this effect, and it is easy to cause the problem of fatigue of the arch. Many insole manufacturers will break it down into two parts, the support part and the shock absorption part, which can solve this problem very well.

4, the wrappability of the heel
In fact, the wrappability of the heel is a bit similar with the first point. There are two main points for separating it: 1. There is not enough emphasis on the wrappability of the heel in China. People usually emphasize softness, and there is no document in the country. 2. The wrappability of the heel is very important. It not only involves the fit of the insole, but also the resistance to the imbalance of the outside world. It can be said that it has the same effect as the high-top shoes.

In general, there is no single standard for the choice of basketball insoles. Everyone's needs, uses and characteristics of shoes are different. We need to choose according to our needs, or even do not have to choose. But for basketball friends, a good pair of basketball cushion insoles is not only a better performance, but also a more responsible embodiment of your body. And we should jump out of a misunderstanding, a good basketball insole is more than soft, it should have at least the above four points: the insole has a high degree of fit, a good shock absorption effect, an arch support effect and a strong heel. The choice of these four points is not only hard, but also soft. A good pair of basketball cushion insoles should be composed of multiple parts instead of one-piece compression mats. Different materials can be used to meet different needs.
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