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Are You Wearing A Correct Pair Of Insoles?

Are You Wearing A Correct Pair Of Insoles?

In order to cater to the needs of different feet and shoes, functional insoles made of materials technology and biomechanical technology have been used in response to the problem of being used to overcome the problems of traditional insoles and to be used to relieve sore foot and stabilize the ankle and improve the balance of the body; different functional insoles are like the dual core of the computer, which can promote the ability of both feet to stand and walk.The following is the simplest and most effective principle of using a functional insole, that is: the foot will tell you the answer!

If it is a hard insole, it feels soft when worn, or it is a soft insole that feels hard to wear. The reason is that if the hard insole does not fit the foot, it will be painful. If the soft insole is soft to wear, it lacks good support and stability!

The principle of using functional insoles
Due to different foot problems and different shoes, there will be different combinations and effects. Therefore, the following factors should be considered when selecting a functional insole:

1, consider the problem of the foot and the length of the insole:
I. 3/4 length: suitable for problems with only midfoot and hindfoot, or lack of space for shoes;
II. Full shoe insoles: for those who have problems in the forefoot area, such as sputum pain, hallux valgus, claw-shaped foot, long and short legs.

2, assess the limitations of the shoe space:
Each pair of shoes has a pair of insoles, and the thickness of the original insoles has determined the space available in the shoes; the thickness of the original inside insoles for shoes and whether it can be removed have great impact on the selection of functional insoles, and this is also the largest limits.

The improvement is as follows:
I. Remove the old insole: use full shoe insoles or a 3/4 long-legged pad that are close to the thickness of the old pad and a full-surface insole.
II. Place under the old insole: Strip the thin old mat from the heel to the sole of the foot, then place the 3/4 long arch pad under the old mat.
III. Place on the old insole: Put the 3/4 long arch pad directly on the old mat; pay attention to whether the shoes become too tight or the bottom is too soft.

3, consider the purpose and whether the material used is soft or hard:
I. Cushion: Temporary analgesic treatment for areas with local pain or friction, such as pain caused by aging of the heel.
II. Semi-soft and hard: Use semi-soft and hard materials that are not easily deformed to support the key parts of the sole to improve the pain of the sole caused by walking.
III. Hard material: the purpose of correction; most of the products are ordered to avoid pain in the soles of the feet.

4, when do you need a custom function insole:
Since each dual function insole requires a pair of molds for forming, most commercially available functional insoles can only be supplied with a few standard foot types plus size. If you encounter your own feet that are not in line with the standard modules, or if the left and right feet are too different, you can only customize the process. It is like a few standard degrees of reading glasses. If the parallax of the left and right eyes is large, or there are special needs, then you must customize glasses in a professional unit.
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