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Skiing Equipment-Snow Boots

Skiing Equipment-Snow Boots

We've talked about how to choose helmet and goggles and clothes, and now we're going to get to the core part, which is how to choose ski boots.

Ski boots should be the first consideration before purchasing your favorite skis and banding equipment, otherwise, you will not find a very suitable fixture. When you choose a snow boot that fits your feet very well, the next step is to match your snowboots with a fixture you like. So let's look at how to choose ski boots today.

1. The primary standard is Flex

Curvature refers to the hardness of shoes. For example, if your skiing style is mainly regional, then the flexibility of the boots you want to buy should be relatively soft to moderate. If you like fast speed or downhill speed, snowboots need to be stronger to support the high-speed movement.

2.lacing system

The lacing system is an important part that can not be ignored.

There are three main lacing systems in the market, one is traditional laces. Tighten the laces just like our usual shoes. This system is the safest.

The other is quick-pull laces. This is a popular system. Because it is simple, fast and reliable, more and more young people tend to use this system.

The last one is the boa system, which is simpler and more convenient than the two systems mentioned above and is easy to operate even with gloves. But the last two drawbacks are also obvious: once a part of the shoelace system is broken or damaged, it means the end of the day's skiing. According to their own needs to choose, both men and women have the system mentioned above.

3.Snow boot liner

It is often overlooked by the public because it is not easily noticed because it is covered in snowboots. In fact, the real comfort of shoes is to choose a pair of shoes suitable for their foot type.

Three common types of inner boots are non-moldable, moldable and heat-moldable.
Non-plastic inner boots refer to the pressure transmitted by the body when wearing shoes will gradually step on the inner boots suitable for their feet over time, that is, the more comfortable the snow boots will be over time.

Plastic inner boots use a relatively complex material. When the foot is stepped in, the inner boots will automatically form the foot shape depending on body temperature.
Thermoplastic is also called thermal formation. As the name implies, artificial heat sources such as hair dryers are used to bake and completely from the foot shape. This is the best personalized customized inner boot. Usually, the price is more expensive. Now we have a general concept about the selection of snow boots.

4.snowboard boot insoles for flat feet (footbeds)

The main function of snowboard boot insoles for flat feet is to help skiers to wear comfortably for a long time. Flat feet, for example, is a good snowboard boot insoles for flat feet designed for different foot types of people. Because thermoplastic boots are expensive, many people tend to buy non-plastic snow boots. But if the foot shape is not appropriate, it is not conducive to skiing. So flat feet satisfies these people's needs very well.

Now we have a general concept about the selection of snow boots. So what is appropriate? First of all, when you wear snowshoes, you should bend your knees, mainly in skiing posture. In this state, the toes should just touch the front, and there is no space behind. When standing upright, the toes will slightly tip to the snowboots, but do not cause pain. This is the most suitable snowboot.

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