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Have You Ever Heard of Invisible Bunion Straightener?

Have You Ever Heard of Invisible Bunion Straightener?

This kind of bunion straightener of Zhiguo is used day and night because it has the characteristics of super-thin and can be worn in shoes for correction without affecting daily life. So it also has a name: invisible bunion straightener. It also has the functions of permeability, painless correction, comfortable and convenient wearing shoes, maintaining foot skin, beautifying foot muscles, skid-proof and odor-proof. It can really achieve walking barrier-free. Harmful bunion straightener correction product. It is suitable for correcting mild hallux valgus and preventing recurrence after hallux valgus surgery.

Boots Bunion Straightener composition:

Integral imported active Pu elastic cloth is used in Zhiguo bunion straightener. This material has the characteristics of ultra-thin air permeability, anti-bacterial and odor-proof, high elasticity, low friction, etc. It is often used for wound dressing and medical research.
1. Heel strap: to prevent the orthodontic device from falling off and provide support for hallux valgus correction
2. Force adjustment buckle: it is divided into light, medium and heavy triple gear. Free adjustment of corrective force
3. Anterior Palm Shaping Belt: use the high elasticity of the material to give pressure to the prominent part of the big foot bone and fold the plastic front palm.
4. Extension buckle: According to the length and thickness of each person's thumb, the thumb can be partially cut and released, and the blood circulation can be regulated.
5. Air vent: As the name implies, increase the air permeability of Orthodontics

Bunion Straightener function:

1. Principle of correction: Use high elastic cloth to pull big toe back, and at the same time close the sole and big foot bone reduction, adjust the strength to control the speed of correction. Correct of mild hallux valgus comfortably .
2. Postoperative nursing: Hallux valgus is easy to recur after operation. Invisible hallux valgus should be cared for 24 hours to prevent recurrence.
3. Protection design: Low friction can prevent the injury of big foot bone. Antimicrobial activity and ventilation can effectively prevent the formation of bunions and corns.
Warm reminder: When hallux valgus patients walk, most of the pressure will be in the thumb part, especially the users who often wear high-heeled shoes. It is recommended that customers wear loose shoes as far as possible to ensure the corrective effect.

A famous American designer said, "A woman without a pair of high heels is like a song without moving notes. High-heeled shoes make women completely `vivid', and make women more sexy." But there is a disease, which is caused by high-heeled shoes and also affects wearing high-heeled shoes, that is "hallux valgus". It let us can not help exclaiming that beauty always pays some price. The appearance of hallux valgus will bring people visual distress and trouble in shoe selection because of its ugly appearance. Moreover, the harm of hallux valgus is not only the appearance, but also has a great impact on the foot bone health of patients. Fortunately, this cost can be saved. The wisdom of China has saved countless women who love beautiful high-heeled shoes with boots bunion straightener using day and night.
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