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3D Print Customized Orthotic Insoles

3D Print Customized Orthotic Insoles

Definition of Orthotic Insoles

It is a rehabilitation auxiliary device which is manufactured according to the size of human feet and biomechanical principles and is suitable for symptoms such as flat feet, high arch feet, everted feet, diabetic feet, heel pain, Achilles tendon pain, front sole pain and so on.

Functions of Orthotic Insoles

Gait control: Orthotic insoles can control the internal and external rotation of the subtalar joint to support the longitudinal and transverse arch of the foot; control the angle of foot rotation during walking to improve the position of foot movement and assist walking.

Improve foot pressure: Orthotic insoles apply softer materials to reduce plantar pressure at the protrusion of foot bones, thus reducing pain; They can reduce plantar pressure(pressure is the main cause of blisters, cocoons and ulcers).

Gait correction: Orthotic insoles can support and balance for foot joints when bearing weight; provide orthotic arrangement of foot bones with abnormal function.

Coordination of foot structure: orthopedic arch support insoles can coordinate foot structure when controlling and correcting foot gait.

Materials for Orthotic Insoles

Silica gel: 80% of shock is absorbed; it is soft, durable and easy to clean.

Loose cushion: it is semi-rigid and light; it is deformable when absorbing shock

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): it is similar to human body fat, with a shock absorption of up to 95%

Polyurethane (PU) foam sponge: it is memory foam plastic with excellent compression resistance and not easy to crush.

Polyethylene (PE) foam sponge: it is soft and decompressing, suitable for diabetes or joint patients to protect insensitive or allergic feet.

3D printed orthotic insoles

Clinical trials have shown that 3D printing customized orthotic insoles can effectively alleviate the interference of foot pain on daily life, such as indirectly relieving knee joint and back pain. In addition, 3D printing customized orthotic insoles can also be used by diabetic patients to reduce foot ulceration and infection caused by diabetes.

3D printing customized orthotic insoles can match insoles and feet to the greatest extent according to the different arch conditions of each customer, so as to meet the walking gait requirements of each customer and achieve the best therapeutic effect. Only 2/3 of a single plate of traditional orthotic insoles is available, but 3D printing personalized orthotic insoles, using Ansys to carry out finite element analysis and structural topology optimization, can ensure the best treatment effect while saving materials to the greatest extent and avoiding waste of resources.
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